Medicine Song is the new novel by Celeste Lovick.

“Fantastic, a kind of journey and instructional and very much an uplifting and inspiring story. All in all, a wonderful, magical book, and so in tune with what so many people are going through at this time.”
Johnny Fincham (Author of 'Palmistry: From Apprentice to Pro in Twenty-Four Hours')



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“I just could not stop reading...there were so many synchronicities, parallels with my own life journey... it felt so close and familiar... and also opened my heart to new things I have not yet experienced. I could see myself, my spiritual teachers and friends in different characters of the book... It brought back memories and feelings from various spiritual and conscious gatherings, sound baths, healing modalities that I have been doing and revived beautiful memories from my time in Glastonbury earlier this year. It is wonderfully written, is flowing and is very enjoyable to read. I loved how you incorporated spiritual teachings and practises in the book. And it felt like a true life story.”
Alina Mihailova (Science technician at UEA)

Anna is about to wake up. For months she has been trying to ignore the feeling that something is wrong with the way she is living her life. She used to enjoy singing, but now she is disconnected from her joy; she is allowing her fear to drive her, believing that she needs validation from a world outside of herself.
She arrives at Glastonbury Festival for an officially booked performance, hoping to make her big break into the mainstream music industry, but Anna's Heart-Self leads her on a different journey. She is destined to become a healer through her music, and as she journeys through the five days of the festival, experiencing all the tastes, sounds and sensations of one of the world's most extraordinary human creations, Anna meets a host of colourful characters who all have something important to teach her. Among them are souls Anna recognises without knowing why - a wild wolf woman named Moon, and Cedar, a charismatic Australian didgeridoo player - who each in their own ways turn Anna's world upside down and show her that there is a path of the heart, and a deeper mystery and meaning to the world around and within us.
As Anna experiences her first awakenings, she discovers practical ways she can consciously take steps on her journey of the heart, and how serving others with an open heart is the most joyful path of all.

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